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Rhetoric at Rome: A Historical Survey (Routledge Classical Studies)

This re-creation of M. L. Clarke's 1953 vintage learn of Roman rhetoric comprises corrections and a brand new creation through D. H. Berry. The bibliography has been considerably up-to-date and supplemented via feedback for additional studying.

Bandits in the Roman Empire: Myth and Reality

This wide-ranging and informative survey of 'outsider' teams within the Roman Empire will give a contribution significantly to our realizing of Roman social heritage. studying males equivalent to as Viriatus, Tacfarinus, Maternus and Bulla Felix, who have been known as latrones after clashing with the imperial experts, specified recognition is given to probably the best-known 'bandit' of all, Spartacus, and to those that impersonated the emperor Nero after his dying.

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The Birth of Critical Thinking in Republican Rome

Trans. via Janet Lloyd, foreword via Malcolm Schofield

In this vintage paintings, now showing in English for the 1st time, Claudia Moatti analyses the highbrow transformation that happened on the finish of the Roman Republic in reaction either to the political obstacle and to the city's enlargement around the Mediterranean. This was once a interval of serious cultural dynamism and creativity whilst Roman intellectuals, such a lot particularly Cicero and Varro, started to discover all components of lifestyles and data and to use serious pondering to the reassessment of culture and the advance of a scientific new figuring out of the Roman prior and current. This stream, associated with the advance of writing, challenged outdated varieties of authority and adhesion, trust and behavior, with out destroying culture; and consequently this rational development might be defined now not as a cultural yet as an epistemological revolution whose maximum success, Professor Moatti argues, was once the improvement of the procedure of Roman legislations.

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