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Steep 30', 40' dlste. 3mm/y ~ebsent GRAIN SIZE DISTRIBUTION CLAY/SILT/SAND· RATIO SEDIMENTARY STRUCTURES 49 .. . ----...... , " "" "" " , ",~ ~ "" ". " "" ~ " .. 40 I 20 ____ 95% Conf. --~--, o 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16(oc,p) Slope (o/J Fig. 30. e. 1 = the total normalized length of the contour lines i=l in the bathymetric map in km. e. by the L+-value; Ctp = 2. 32 % in Lake Vanern. ~E~ (Ct 50 ); can be determined from the slope curve (Fig. 31). The me- dian slope (Ct 50 ) signifies that 50 % of the lake area inclines IIDre than the Ct 50 -value and 50 % less than this value.

It clearly shows the great benefit of the model. The intensity of the survey may be discussed in relation to the aim of the survey and the yield of the survey, and all discussions can be carried out in quantitative terms. 2. Manual - already echosounded lake In this example we will illustrate the use of the optimization model for a lake that has already been surveyed. The aim is to determine the area error, , or rather, the I -value, as well as the optimal information (I), and the optimal number of contour lines (n) that may be used in the bathymetric map.

D 2S and D7S ); according to definition, 25 %of the lake area should lie below and 75 %above the depth given by the first quartile depth value (D 2S )' In the same way we have 75 %of the lake area below and 25 %of the lake area above the D7S -value. The median depth (DSO) may also be called the second quartile depth. , 20 .. c /~ Q. tJ C 60 ! 5m 80 100 106 em) Fig. 22. Determination of the median depth (DsO) and the quartile depths (D2s, D7s) from the percentage hypsographic curves for Lake Vanern considered as descriptive morphometrical parameters, which are determined from the percentage hypsographic curve (Fig.

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