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By Mike Morwood, Penny van Oosterzee

This booklet was once notable. an exceptional overview of a number of uncomplicated tenets in paleoanthropology plus an intimate, designated and frank description of the interplay and critiques of assorted specialists bearing on this significant locate. i'd strongly suggest it to someone with an curiosity in human origins

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This was new to the Indonesian researchers, but they soon developed great expertise in designing and constructing shoring. The system is based on vertical planks supported by a framework of posts and cross-braced beams, with platforms constructed at two-meter in- s to r i e s f r o m c o l d c av e | 43 tervals for safety and ease of access, and connected by bamboo ladders. All were made on site by Dius Nggaa, a local carpenter, who can knock up a table, seat, ladder or house on request using local materials and basic tools.

We had to allow at least two liters of water a day per person and, because of the absence of shade, had to erect tarpaulins for some protection from the blazing heat. The deposits at these sites are rock strata of varying hardness and our excavation tools included sledgehammers, large chisels, picks, screwdrivers and trowels. Large slabs of rock were detached in 10centimeter levels called spits, then systematically smashed up into smaller fragments by our workers. We tried sieving, but by the time the rock matrix had been smashed up small enough to pass through a three-millimeter mesh, any bones or artifacts had been similarly pulverized.

Unlike physical dating techniques, such as potassium-argon, which date the time of mineral crystallization, OSL ages indicate the time elapsed since the mineral grains were last exposed to sunlight, and so avoids the perennial problem of dating “old” minerals that have been fortuitously buried alongside more recent fossils. Bert and I were already trying to use OSL to obtain “burial ages” for late Homo erectus skulls from Sambungmacan, an alluvial terrace flanking the Solo River in Java. River terraces, and the materials they contain, are often reworked, and the Sambungmacan skulls are likely to have been deposited, eroded and redeposited a number of times before coming to rest where they were actually found in the riverbed.

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