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By Steven Holzner, Bob Howell

Written for builders who have to wake up to hurry on ADO.NET, this booklet covers the ADO.NET item version from begin to end, from database instruments to making information gadgets, from growing internet prone to constructing multi-tier database purposes. It additionally covers every thing from home windows varieties periods and knowledge binding to making ASP.NET internet purposes. greater than a reference e-book, the authors mix own adventure and top practices with useful how-to wisdom. in contrast to another books, this e-book was once written utilizing the legitimate unencumber of visible Studio.NET specialist, so all examples and code are totally modern.

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The database project provides similar functionality to the Query Analyzer that comes with the full version of SQL Server. The handy part of using a database project is that now you can include it in your solution and track the various stored procedures and queries that are used by the solution. You create a database project the same way you create any other new VB project. You can also add one to an existing solution. Select New Project from the File menu, or if you are adding it to an existing solution select Add Project/New Project.

Int/BigInt/SmallInt/TinyInt Non-scaled integers. Can hold whole numbers only. The variations set different sizes. Int is 4 bytes, BigInt is 8 bytes, SmallInt is 2 bytes, and TinyInt is 1 byte. • Bit Bit fields are true/false only fields. A bit can only have a value of 1 or 0. Bit columns cannot be used in indexes. If you need to index a true/ false value, use a Char(1) and define it as 1 or 0. • Decimal/Numeric Scaled Integer. Both types mean the same thing. A scaled integer is a whole number plus a fixed number of decimal places.

Let's look at these in more detail. Relations and Foreign Keys Before we can use any DRI we must define the relationships between tables. Two or more tables can be related if they share common attributes. For example, you could have a table that describes a work location and a table that describes employees. In real life, many employees can share the same work location. Suppose we assign a value to identify each work location. We can call it the Location ID. Then if we store the Location ID on each employee record we have a way of linking the employee record to the location record.

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