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By E. L. Houghton, P. W. Carpenter, Steven H. Collicott Ph.D. Stanford University Aeronautics & Astronautics, Daniel T. Valentine Ph.D.

"The ebook is obviously written and will be optimistically urged as a common and finished aerodynamics textual content for using scholars of aeronautical engineering.Journal of Aerospace Engineering.... a beneficial textual content for the undergraduate now not least as a result of the huge use of good annotated examples and the vast variety of themes covered.The Aeronautical magazine.

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1 Aerodynamic force and moment Air flowing past an aeroplane, or any other body, must be diverted from its original path, and such deflections lead to changes in the speed of the air. Bernoulli’s equation shows that the pressure exerted by the air on the aeroplane is altered from that of the undisturbed stream. Also the viscosity of the air leads to the existence of frictional forces tending to resist its flow. As a result of these processes, the aeroplane experiences a resultant aerodynamic force and moment.

4 Wing planform geometry CL 15 16 Aerodynamics for Engineering Students Wing span The wing span is the dimension b, the distance between the extreme wingtips. The distance, s, from each tip to the centre-line, is the wing semi-span. Chords The two lengths CT and co are the tip and root chords respectively; with the alternative convention, the root chord is the distance between the intersections with the fuselage centre-line of the leading and trailing edges produced. The ratio c=/c0 is the taper ratio A.

It is the force that resists the motion of the aircraft. There is no ambiguity regarding its direction or sense. e. in a spanwise direction. It is reckoned positive when acting towards the starboard (right-hand to the pilot) wing-tip. e. in the vertical plane when the aircraft is flying horizontally. It is positive when it tends to increase the incidence, or raise the nose of the aircraft upwards (using this word in the sense discussed earlier). e. tending to depress one wing-tip and to raise the other.

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