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By Cliff Matthews

This is often a vital convenient advisor containing worthwhile brand new info frequently wanted by means of the coed or practicing engineer. masking all facets of airplane, either mounted wing and rotary craft, this notebook offers easy accessibility to precious aeronautical engineering info and resources of knowledge for additional in-depth info.

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2 Primary and secondary quantities Primary quantities are quantities which are absolutely independent of each other. 19062 0 . 58750 0 . 77812 0 . 36562 0 . 95312 0 . 12812 0 . 30312 0 . 65312 0 . 40000 M Mass L Length T Time F o r e x a m p l e , v e l o c i t y (v) is r e p r e s e n t e d b y l e n g t h d i v i d e d b y t i m e , a n d t h i s is s h o w n by: L Iv] = ~ : note the square brackets denoting 'the dimension of'. 12 shows the most commonly used quantities. 12 Dimensional analysis quantities Quantity Dimensions Mass (m) Length (l) Time (t) Area (a) Volume (V) First moment of a r e a Second moment of area Velocity (v) Acceleration (a) Angular velocity (w) Angular acceleration (a) Frequency (f) Force (F) Stress {pressure}, (S{P}) Torque (7) Modulus of elasticity (E) Work (W) Power (P) Density (p) Dynamic viscosity (p) Kinematic viscosity (~:) M L T L2 L3 L 3 L4 LT-1 L7~2 ]wi T2 7~1 M L T -2 M L 17~2 M L 2 7 ~2 M L - 1 T -2 M L 2 7 ~2 ML2~F 3 ML 3 M L - 1 T -1 L2T~I H e n c e velocity is called a secondary quantity because it can be expressed in terms of p r i m a r y quantities.

4 Consistency of units Within any system of units, the consistency of units forms a 'quick c h e c k ' of the validity of equations. T h e units must match on both sides. s 2 Cancelling gives O K , units match. 5 Foolproof conversions: using unity brackets When converting between units it is easy to make mistakes by dividing by a conversion factor instead of multiplying, or vice versa. The best way to avoid this is by using the technique of unity brackets. A unity bracket is a term, consisting of a numerator and denominator in different units, which has a value of unity.

089212 All values at atmospheric pressure and 0°C. 3. 4. 4 Notation: aerodynamics and fluid mechanics The complexity of aeronautics m e a n s that symbols m a y have several meanings, d e p e n d i n g on the context in which they are used. a ~ al) al a2 a3 a_ ah av ac A A AF b b I Lift curve slope. Acceleration or deceleration. Local speed of sound. Radius of vortex core. Inertial or absolute acceleration. Speed of sound at sea level. Tailplane zero incidence lift coefficient. Tailplane lift curve slope.

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