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Whereas in Plato's time there could have been a few fact to his trust that there can simply be one unmarried justice, and one unmarried legislations, such isn't the case at the present time. felony justice platforms fluctuate greatly the world over of their methods to the matter of crime. This booklet offers the subject country's criminal version to a superb volume determines the nature of its police and corrections in addition to its criminal procedure. It Read more...


reading varieties of felony justice structures and the felony versions that form them, this paintings makes use of examples to focus on 5 easy felony starting place types: continental, universal legislations, Islamic, Read more...

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They were accepted as correct statements on the status of common law at that time. William Blackstone was the fourth and posthumous son of Charles Blackstone, a silk merchant of moderate means. His mother died when William was only twelve years old, and he was educated by his uncle Thomas Biggs, a London surgeon. He was only eighteen when he graduated from Oxford University and entered the Middle Temple, one of the Inns of Court, to study law. In 1746 he had became a barrister. In 1770, Blackstone refused the office of solicitor general but accepted that of judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

Indb 21 5/1/08 11:19:05 AM 22 An Introduction to Comparative Legal Models of Criminal Justice Ethnocentrism is a bar to learning about other countries’ criminal justice systems. A country’s criminal justice system is formed and shaped by its legal model of justice. The historical approach to the study of law was implicit in the development of the Western legal tradition. The two major legal models of the modern Western world are the civil law and common law models. The Romans were the first to consider law as a science by means of which they could look at the world, with all its people and property and their intermingling relationships.

Our interest in not convicting the innocent permits counsel to put the State to its proof, to put the State’s case in the worst possible light, regardless of what he thinks or knows to be the truth. indb 34 5/1/08 11:19:09 AM Common Law Model: The Courts 35 him if he can, even if he thinks the witness is telling the truth, just as he will attempt to destroy a witness who he thinks is lying. In this respect, as part of our modified adversary system and as part of the duty imposed on the most honorable defense counsel, we countenance or require conduct which in many instances has little, if any, relation to the search for truth.

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