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By R. H. Leaver, T. R. Thomas (auth.)

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3), until for very large samples the probability of rejecting an observation is very small indeed; this is in accord with common sense. The sample statistics should then be recomputed without the rejected observations and, strictly, Chauvenet's criterion should again be applied to the new figures. 3. Chauvenet's criterion as a function of sample size. distributed. It would be sensible in the circumstances to apply a chi-squared test as described in chapter 9. It is important to remember that Chauvenet's criterion does not 'prove' that an observation is defective.

Smith,J. A. and Jones, L. (1972) Theory and design of copper cylinder. Trans. Am. Soc. mech. Engrs 89F, 477-581. Erstwhile, K. M. (l968)Maschinenfabriken das Cylinders, SpringerVerlag, Berlin. Glaswegian, G. G. (1971) Cylinder turning: towards a new theory of centrifugal-force. Proc. R. Soc. A293, 38-147. I. Initials omitted; authors not in alphabetical order. 2. Title should be given in language of publication. 3. Title omitted. 4. Page numbers omitted. 5. All authors' names should be given in full.

REPORT WRITING taking the specimen and measuring its diameter in six different places at different heights2 , and then we measured 1 its hardness at eight different places2 • I7 round the circumference using a Vickers pyramid indenter. I. Wrong voice and person: should be impersonal third person passive. 2. Description insufficiently specific. 3. No dimensions given. 4. Description too specific. 3. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Mostly the specimen was the same at the top and bottom but smaller round the middle.

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