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By G.A. Bruggeman

This publication has been divided into components, A and B. half A contains analytical strategies of approximately 1100 geohydrological difficulties within the saturated sector. category of the issues in keeping with definite characteristics.Part B includes 3 chapters, describing the fundamental rules for saturated floor water circulation, analytical answer equipment and mathematical services respectively.

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Qg(x,t)-- 2KD f_+oo o0 q (xo) Pconj (,x-xo, 2~ ' dxo. 19. X • f+oo 99(x)- 2KD oo q (x0) exp ( - Ix - xol] dxo. X / 114. 01 (L) Non-steady flow through an aquifer, caused by draining a lake by means of lowering the water level according to an arbitrary function of time h(t). Drawdown 99 = 99(x, t). 099 KD, S t) - Ox x h(O) -- O, 399 Ox t) - 99(0, t) 99(x, t) - rl fot h(t - r)e-Or { 1 - ~1 e r f c ( 2 ~ r ) } dr, r/- o, 1 -- ~99(oo, t). 02 (L) "Sudden" lowering of the water level. 01 but with h(t) - h - constant.

P 0 P- cp(x, t) -- for x > 0, forx<0. pt ---ff { l - 2iZerfc( flx ] } \2~7] forx >0, 2pts ieerfc/~ _ ~_~)fix forx <0. 04 (D) ] Precipitation (infiltration) equally distributed over the whole region and an arbitrary function of the time, p = p(t) for - o o < x < +oo. ~o(t) $$$$$$$ I 4,$$$$$$$ 0 p(t) l f o t p(to) dto. , p = p for - o o ~o(t) = < x < +oo. pt --. 04 but with p(t) = p sin(wt) for - oo < x < oo. 01 but with p (x, t) = p (x) = an arbitrary function of x. ~o(x, t) - 47 /r += p (x0) ierfc ( fl Ix - x0] 2~/7 ) dx0.

04) Flow between a well with constant discharge and an equipotential plane of equilateral hyperbolic shape. Well located at P(xo, Yo). P o=~Q h- H for x y - ~a 2. 12) Well with discharge Q in the centre of a circular row of n recharge wells, regularly distributed along the circle, each with recharge a . 61) Discharge well and recharge well of equal strength in uniform flow, angle otzc with the connecting line of the two wells. 61 according to procedure 4. 05) Infinite row of wells of equal strengths and at equal mutual distances along a straight line parallel to a straight open boundary with constant level H.

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